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Munin og Hugin

Cold Feet Fox Jarviks Triton Trinity Kennel's O-Grey Wolf
Jarvik's Czardas
Klujutjevskajas Selma Lagerlöf Kljutjevskajas Börje
Kljutjevskajas Lotus Huligana
Jarviks Tosca Trinity Kennel's O-Grey Wolf Trinity Kennel's Bugs
Fortsalongs Diamond
Jarvik's Czardas Alka-Shan's Callico
Snowtrails Sandra

F. 2808-2005, male dark grey


Eyes: clear

Munin is quite like his brother Hugin a very sensitive dog. Munin has a great need to kiss :-) and show a very very good social behavior. Has a fantastic temperament.

Munis has not yet shown the same convincing qualities in harness as Hugin. He can not keep up with a high speed on longer distances and remains uncertain. He will therefore be trained with regard to these circumstances. He probably needs more time to develope. 

Position in team: Swing or lead.

Eat and drink with great appetite.


Exhibition: Vaggeryd 28/4-07: Good

Munin is moved to Tina and Kristian, oktober 2013.

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